Monday, September 21, 2009

The iPhone application submission process

Last Friday I submitted for Front Foot our first iPhone application. It's quite exciting to arrive at this stage of the project. I have worked so much on this app, our creative designer Deena Baxter did a really good job! I can't wait to show you the result of that work. But I would first like to share with you different tips you may find useful tp submit your own application. The submission process, once you've understood it, is quite simple. But there some parts that are not very well documented. So here are a couple links you may be interested in reading:

When you are compiling in Xcode make sure you use the good building profile and it refers correctly your entitlements for AdHoc distribution, also make sure to use the good provisioning profiles for Distribution and AdHoc distribution.

Now all my workmates have a version of the application on their iPhone, and the application is being reviewed by Apple. Tell you more when it's available!

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